What is Dregora

Dregora is a open terrain generator preset for Minecraft which combined with OTG creates a procedurally generated world. This world has randomly generated biomes just like vanilla Minecraft but widely different in nature and diversity. What sets Dregora apart from other presets made with OTG is that Dregora has sections within it's map that are more or less static. Think of the grand canyons but then in minecraft appearing at 6700, 90, -14800 while the rest of the surroundings is procedurally, randomly and infinitely generated.

The reason why I decided upon this method of generation is because it gave me nearly full control over where what biome would generate along with what structures would generate in these biomes. This enabled me to have Dregora procedurally generate terrain with structures containing "treasure maps" containing written directions such as books, signs or through the means of solving puzzles which then would direct to a coordinate on the map. This coordinate could then be the location of the canyon I explained earlier which again holds a temple with more lore, a cool location, dungeons and/or valuables.

I have also created a leaflet map which is kind of like google maps to see these spots, it's pretty straightforward and easy to use. Everything that is black and outside of the image borders procedurally & infinitely generates random biomes like vanilla minecraft. https://map.dregora.com As of v1.9 which currently is the latest version Dregora boasts around 130 randomly generated biomes and 409 fromimage biomes. These numbers are bound to change later on where Dregora will likely contain even more biomes. Alongside these biomes there are also a few structures which will increase in number with update 2.0 for all supported minecraft versions.

In total this project took me too long to even count but saying this project's origins lay all the way back in 2011 with the start of Dregora in 2014 should give a good idea on what kind of effort went into making this.

What makes Dregora great?

Dregora adds contrast to your Minecraft world as no biome is like the other biome. Wasteland is not a desert with dead trees, ocean is not a body of water with sand, rainforest is not just a Jungle, Mountains are not hills and chest do not just contain simple loot. As you walk this world there'll be a lot of vibrant locations and dangers involved. Some of them are rare, some of them are more common but it's likely that even after a 1000 day playthrough you still wouldn't have seen the last there is to see.

Apart from the terrain there's the vanilla compatible entities and the lore you'll be able to uncover in this world, explaining the origins of ruined cities or deep nuclear bunkers. So don't consider this mod to be just for forge as it'll work for spigot too. Yes even later versions which will support modded biomes. All that said I would still recommend forge clients because without you won't be able to experience all the custom biome colors and miss out on our cherry blossom trees or blood lakes.

Information & Links

Below you'll be able to find information on the future of Dregora entailing dimensions, the history of Dregora covering it's roots and a set of handy links and tools which you really should check out if you've bothered to read this entire sentence! Trust me, the map for one can be a real lifesaver!

The future of Dregora

Being in development since 2014 whilst continious adding new content with a few full redesigns Dregora has racked up quite the backlog of potential ideas. So far a few have been lingering since the start of this project and happen to be in line with the possibilities of OTG. One of these idea's is soon to come of fruition with the introduction of post-apocalyptic cities. Whereas the lore has always pointed towards this eventual outcome it's something else to finally start planning for these cities and dependent on whenever you'll read this they may've already been added to the project!

That however does not entail all of the idea's which have been planned for the future but given I'm here mostly for my creativity with blocks and not words I'll keep it short by explaining the main scope of Dregora would be to offer a set of dimensions, each with it's own set of biomes, cities, structures and a continious storyline that crosses the borders of these dimension seamlessly hooking into one another.

The Story of Dregora

Summary: The story of Dregora starts moment before an event that is referred to as the Blight in Dregora. It's a sci-fi apocalyptic story in which humankind has to deal with their universe colliding with another for a brief moment. However, a gateway seem to have remained...

Background Story: The year is 2116 and the world is at peace, not because we took a better path as there are daily riots and looting, but because the nations fuel reserves reached a point where they could no longer fuel the war machines. This was the moment where the world leaders shook their hands and initiated Project Arcturus. The goal was to solve the global energy shortage by extracting zero point energy from their own universe, a source of power potentially dozens of times more potent than a Zero Point Module. However, the project suffered from a fatal flaw. By extracting zero point energy from it's own space-time it resulted in the destabilizing of space within the close vicinity of the zero point reactor. No longer obeying the normal laws of physics exotic particles where formed, they interacted in ways impossible to predict resulting in a runaway reaction in the containment chamber.

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