Dregora - The Story

Welcome to the Lands of Dregora, A land in which we will find ourselves surrounded by mountains as tall as the sky and as wide your imagination goes. Dregora, the last realm remaining after what is commonly refered to as the happening.

Dregora will take any player on a adventure across mountains, through jungles, dungeons, settlements, cave systems and a wide variety of biomes. And if you think that's not enough we also offer DLC's to expand the map with creatures like the ones you'd expect from plugins like MythicMobs. These creatures reside in both settlements as dungeons and all have nearly unique names picked randomy from a list of up to 2000 different names and growing. They can offer quests or attack players and occupy titles ranging from bosses to peasants. And yet this is not all since beside the current packages we're working on different dimensions like the Aether, Dungeons Realm, A custom Nether and End.

What makes Dregora different?

Apart from being a 24.000 by 24.000 blocks custom map with over 190 biomes and 2200+ objects this map offers what I would like to call the backbone. In my opinion a map isnt much more then a collection of static objects which combined with some creativity results in something very nice yet still a static thing.

So despite I did put over 4000 hours into creating this map it wouldnt cut it. So I started exploring the possibilities and stumbled upon Denizen. Denizen is a plugin which lets you script plugins without any Java knowledge. Now let's retrace a couple steps: Blocks, Objects, Trees and then there where flying blocks, moving objects and living trees. I am well aware that this can be easily done by adding a couple of mods but not in a way that it fully hooks into OTG. So, down below I wrote down a couple of features currently being developed.

✓ Every-THING below is or will be configurable in the Dregora plugin file after installing the Denizen package. ( I love having options )
✓ Denizen adds NPC's in Dungeons within Dregora.
✓ Dungeons have Custom Mob Spawners, Traps, Mobs, Item rewards.
✓ Biomes Spawn custom Mobs.
✓ Villages & cities have quests & a main storyline.
✓ OverWorld Dragons in the farlands.
✓ Kingdoms ( Territorial behaviour )


map.dregora.com - (ONLINE)

Map Server
Live Example

dev.dregora.com - (ONLINE)

Development Server
Dregora's Structures

live.dregora.com - (OFFLINE)

Local Server
Build Testing