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Lands of Dregora - 7.50€ one time
  ➨ Mountain ranges touching the 256 height limit
  ➨ 2100 Bo3's ( Structure files ) and counting
  ➨ All custom trees, rocks, bushes and more! ( Count as Bo3's )
  ➨ 24.000x24.000 square meters to explore ( That's 576 Million m2 or 147.456.000.000 in cubic meters !!! )
  ➨ 200+ custom biomes and counting!
  ➨ Cities, Towns, Tribal villages, dungeons and more! ( Count as Bo3's )
  ➨ Ability to integrate with Denizen package & Upcoming Premium Package.
  ➨ More Information Here! - ShowRoom

Denizen's Realm - 2.50€ one time ( Requires one of the maps to function properly! )
  ➨ Quests, main storyline & side quests
  ➨ Custom NPC's ( Bosses, Mobs, Ghosts, & soon Dragons as well! )
  ➨ Dungeons ( Hardened ones, nothing like you have encountered so far! ) - I dislike the lack of difficulty after reaching diamond level.
  ➨ Dungeon Custom Rewards ( swords, armor & balanced )
  ➨ Rewritten plugins like Bloodmoon in development!
  ➨ Chest-Fill script ( Automaticly fills chests with items you can configure )
  ➨ Everything can be customized! ( CraftRealms put great effort into this particular feature )
  ➨ More Information Here! - ShowRoom

Premium Package - 2.50€ per month - planned
  ➨ Get access to the premium discord channel and always be next in line when asking for support.
  ➨ Access to premium plugins: Custom Item Skins & UpdateSave
  ➨ UpdateSave - Saves all player placed blocks, update to a newer version of Dregora and/or DLC's & load player placed blocks back in your map! ( NO NEVER NO WIPES ANYMORE!! )
  ➨ Reserved spots for special events where prices can be won. This included money prices ranging from 2.50 to 15 dollars!
  ➨ Copy of the Bo3Export world & the Flatworld ( dev.dregora.com server content )

Custom Aether - Planned
  ➨ Sky lands world.

Dungeon Realm - Planned
  ➨ Huge cavern world with Dwarven like structures & ruins.

Custom Nether - Planned
  ➨ Custom Nether World ( No ceiling to improve FPS & add various possibilities like volcano's )

Custom End First & Second Dimensions - Planned
  ➨ Custom End Dimensions. Huge improvements over the vanilla one!
  ➨ The first BOSS dimension will remain small but have a more "epic" feel to it

Modded Dimension - Planned
  ➨ Modded dimension will be there for hybrid modded servers

What is Dregora?
The Lands of Dregora is a Minecraft map of 24.000×24.000 blocks in a square radius. Within this map everything is procedurally generated. Cities, towns, dungeons, castles, trees and over 2000 other creations. Each of these 2000 creations are closely examined to ensure they fit in one of the 200+ biomes which again have been reviewed over and over again to make them as realistic and original as possible.

Now we understand the basics it is time to take the next step by explaining why the map isn’t infinite since if it was we would’ve been limited to what we could create, take the mountains for example. They couldn’t be as realistic they are now if everything was randomly generated. Another thing we decided to do is start with a rain forest in the center expanding outwards into lava streams and lakes. Going further we have the wastelands which would make you think it is year 3000 after a nuclear war and beyond that fruitful lands with quests, Dwarven cities and at last the frozen lands where nothing can survive above ground except for those who are undead.

Now, you might think, why cant I survive above ground in the frozen lands? For that question I’d love to refer you to the “What is Denizen” article just below.

Dregora’s Showroom
Dregora’s Gallery
Dregora’s 200+ Biome catalog ( Info & Screenshots )

What is Denizen?
Denizen made me learn CSS, HTML, Python, a tiny bit of Java scripting, web-development in general for which advanced knowledge on Linux was a must in my case and at last College.

Among many opening sentences like "Over world Dragons!" the one above is one of my best. Do not mistake me though, im not the geek or nerd sitting next to you at school. In fact I was a carpenter before Denizen made me realize I like the possibilities of scripting beyond the ability to build my own house. So, Denizen is a plugin that allows you to create your very own plugins, add features to these and even make them better in terms of efficiency compared to existing plugins. We like to call it the backbone since it provides intelligent AI, event handling, Custom mobs, the ability to write quests, change the weather, make the weather dynamic and add new custom items like the Ancient Rapier. You name it and I can do it with Denizen.

While we create a wide variety of functions we also make sure everything runs correctly, there has been numerous occasions where we fixed errors which did not even do any harm for the sake of a clean debug when you'll need it. But wait, after telling you all this I still have the feeling I haven't told you anything and that, my audience is the essence of Denizen.

There simply isn't an end.

About us
At Craftrealms we pay great care producing the products we offer and where possible enhance what's already there. As a result to this Dregora, our main package has quite a story to tell dating back to the early days of minecraft.

When 1.2.5 came out NLBlackEagle was happy to call himself a server manager of The Ancient Realm Minecraft server, finally he could do something about the spawn grieving which tormented the server for quite a while already, supposily some suspicious figures found a way around the protection with the sole reason to destroy our spawn tree! Image - SpawnTree No way, we'll let that happen is what we thought and so NLBlackEagle embarked on his first quest to stop cheaters and hackers from doing harm to what would become our icon.

- Would you like to know more? Click here! -


Discord, Dungeons, Dregora and more!

NLBlackEagle's Realm became Lands of Dregora, Dungeons where added, Discord was added & improved over time. The front development server was port forwarded and a "Assault Team" was assigned to test the content of the Craftrealms products and this is just the start since quite some time has passed since the last news update.

We currently use the Craftrealms Discord alot to keep track of our to do list, we suggest you'll take a look and !sub to subscribe if you want to be notified each update or !helper to inform us you would like to help with the development by testing our content and giving feedback/suggestions. If you would like to take a peek while we are developing you are welcome to join us on the Front-Dev-Server with ip: live.dregora.com

Craftrealms hub update

With this article I call a halt to my detour updating & managing the website for the time being. Every so now and then I get a couple ideas good enough to make some time for instead of working on the Lands of Dregora. This resulted in the homepage being redesigned, the live chat support & now the hub page. After all, the website is an ongoing project that gets improved with each change, mostly small ones and sometimes big ones!

Partnership Ended

Hello fellow Minecrafters and visitors!

As some of you know, Craftrealms and Testmap agreed on a partnership a couple months ago. This partnership however came to an end which means we'll both go our separate ways. But do not worry since this only means we can focus all the better on the Lands of Dregora!

Eagle's TerrainControl Series

Hello dear Minecrafters and visitors!

Recently I started making use of my Youtube Channel "CraftRealms" by uploading a couple of TerrainControl episodes. These episodes vary from building to scripting but they all serve but one purpose which is the development on Lands of Dregora, our TerrainControl map!

The video's can be found under the Menu: TerrainControl. Click on Eagle's TC Series

Enjoy the video's!

TerrainControl Tutorials

Hello Minecrafters!

I am happy to announce the creation of a tutorial section on the craftrealms website!
This page was created to pass on the knowledge we gained by building the Lands of Dregora. Knowledge you can use for your own project and if you have not started yet we definitely recommend the usage of the TerrainControl plugin. While it may take some time to get used to it is definitely worth the effort!

Click here to see our TerrainControl tutorials!

Website Online!

This is a very important day for us at Craftrealms since we have just launched this website to offer better support and to give our customers a central point on which they can keep track off Craftrealms content like Lands of Dregora or Denizen's Realm!