Terrain Control Tutorials

TerrainControl is our number one Terrain Generation plugin, with the below tutorials I will try to teach some of the tricks I found while experimenting with one of the most complicated, feature rich terrain controlling plugins which can be found within the Minecraft Community. For any furder background information I suggest you read the following page prior to any of the links below: Terrain Control
✪ BiomeMode: General Tutorials:
  Beginners Guide
  Mountain Biomes
  The Bo3 Basics

✪ BiomeMode: FromImage Tutorials:
  Bo3 CustomStructure Paint In Tutorial
  BiomeTable with Gimp, Paint & Txt
  Bo3 Custom Structure

If you are interested in the results I've archieved so far, take a look at the Gallery Page
✪ TerrainControl: Video Tutorials:
  ⚪ TerrainControl Video Page