Lands of Dregora Showroom

Welcome to the showroom of Lands of Dregora!
Apart from the content you'll be able to see at the Content Overview page there's a whole lot to be found in and around the numerous corners of this website. That's why we decided to put some effort into making a page like this with not too much, not too less information on what this whole thing named Lands of Dregora is actually about.
Lands of Dregora is both a map as a plan created and executed by NLBlackEagle himself. What plan may you ask yourselves, well except for Lands of Dregora NLBlackEagle is also planning on creating DLC's which means Downloadable Content. The Downloadable Content will be quite varied as it will not only cover several TerrainControl maps but also scripts and plugins all made by NLBlackEagle.

As you can see above there are several maps which will sold separately as DLC's. ( The estimated price of the complete package will not be more then 20,- Euro's Tax Excluded )
Moving on I'll briefly explain the Denizen plugin as this is an plugin that is can be difficult to grasp as it literally makes anything within the limits of minecraft possible. You may see or even call it plugin scripting. Here are a couple of video's where I've created a several scripts for Lands of Dregora.

Now you have a basic idea of what Denizen can do let's take it a bit further and tell you that I can create fake players just like you and me which curse a player when it comes too close, or a flying dragon which happens to be afraid of rabbits? Everything it possible and we are planning to use it!
Keep this in mind while you scroll through the following screenshots, especially when you see a dungeon like environment!
[NOTE:]All environmental screenshots on are ingame footage of Lands of Dregora!

Want to see more? Click here!

Click the above link to view the Lands of Dregora landscaping & structures

Heading on with the landscaping I hereby present you our latest & an old trailer:

[NOTE:]Mysource/OldTcCreator & I do not longer work under an partnership! We each went our seperate ways.

One of the strongest features of NLBlackEagle's is not just pretty looks but a backbone aswell. NLBlackEagle thoroughly and frequently visits each single creation to determine the following points:
◈ Does the map functions well enough to play survival?
◈ Do any of the scripts cause any complication with other plugins like factions?
◈ Is the map challenging?
◈ Does it look good in vanilla?
◈ Does the map has a logical layout? ( Mostly Gravity Checks )
◈ How does the map looks like under the surface?
◈ Is the map well balanced in terms of resources?
◈ Is the map easy to install/setup ( Basically as plug & play as possible )
◈ Is there a "good" amount of mobs? ( Not too much or few & logical spawn biomes )

Then, at last here's some information on the Map itself!
  ◈ Latest Structure Count = 2024 Custom Made Structures ( BO3's ) ◈
◈ Latest Biome Count = 160 Custom Biomes
◈ Average Ram Usage = 3GB
  ◈ Latest Artwork & Official Map◈