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This page functions as webshop for Lands of Dregora & more buy-able content, each package is devided into a section with a title. We advice you to read through the description and gain information through the included links & showcases, doing this will give you a proper idea of what you are buying. Once you have decided you want to buy a package click on the paypal button within the section and you will be transferred to paypal to complete your order. When the order has been completed you will be granted a membership level corrosponding the package you have bought.

All packages require a one time fee and guaranthee a lifetime membership.

Available Packages:

Lands of Dregora Regular Membership €7.50 now.

Lands of Dregora + Denizen's Realm Package €10.00 now.

Denizen's Realm Package €2.50 now.

All about Lands of Dregora
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All about Denizen’s Realm
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