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After putting a lot of effort into making multiple websites with the main site having over 80 pages I decided to take another approach. Simple, clean & readable. So, there will not be a catalog with every single of over 2000 bo3's explained since there is no use, those willing to investigate a certain biome can use OTG to teleport there on the server: and review the contents of that biome file within the package. Without further ado let's start our small yet informative tour through Dregora!

When I say Lands of Dregora and you saw our trailer: Dregora Trailer you probably think of mountains, settlements and biomes which is a good start but does not nearly envelop what Lands of Dregora actually is. Take a step further and think about Custom Dimensions, Cave Worlds, Dragons, Custom Items, quests and mobs This is because Lands of Dregora is not actually a map but a project which contains a lot of different worlds, mechanics, some plugins and way more.

Dimensions Example

Above is an example of how the layout of these dimensions will look like, if you go deeper you will reach the Dark Realm, going up will make you enter Elysium. For this no extra plugins but OTG are required.

These projects will take a tremendous amount of work resulting in a combined map with over 589 824 000 000 blocks which equals 9 000 000 chunks without including the Shadow Realm. Feel free to make the calculation yourself starting with 24.000 x 24.000 blocks + 256 height limit per map. Some projects will be free from the start, some will be paid which totally depends on the amount of work needed. For example, the OTG forum is free work for the community of OTG while it took me over 14 hours to set it all up. Oh, and no worries I look forward on making some free maps ( eventually ) as well.
However these wont be as expanded and with the support as Dregora has.

So, let's take a break from all that reading and spice it up with a couple of our trailers! ( Both Old as New trailers with exclusive Dregorian Content )

These structures and landscapes has been made with the greatest eye for detail, realism & what is popular. One example would be that volcano's are not just a layer of lava in its crater. They have a lava channel, magma chamber underground & an increased amount of gold in the close proximity but not too much for balancing reasons. Here's a list of what we keep in mind while creating Dregorian Content.

✓ Does the map functions well enough to play survival & factions?
✓ Do any of the scripts cause any complication with other plugins like factions?
✓ Is the map challenging & diverse enough?
✓ Does it look good in both vanilla & conquest texture pack?
✓ Does the map has a logical, realistic & interesting layout?
✓ How does the map looks like under the surface?
✓ Is the map well balanced in terms of resources?
✓ Is the map easy to install/setup? ( Basically as plug & play as possible )
✓ Is there a "good" amount of mobs? ( Not too much or few & logical spawn biomes )

Check out our Download Page to see most recent changes, amount of Bo3's ( over 2500 ) & amount of custom biomes ( over 192 )



Sapphire City

Tropical Isle

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A Dregorian Tale - Addon

A Dregorian Tale Is as it indicates a tale/storyline which main purpose is to add extra depth to The Lands of Dregora including a storyline, functions like re-generating the map but skipping al player claimed lands ( Configurable claim size )

How can I download A Dregorian Tale
As i work with priorities and Dregora itself is currently on top there is no release for this addon just yet. However, the basics of A Dregorian Tale already have been created.

Will it be free like Dregora?
No, the price will be set at 3.50, the reason is described below. Since the creation of this addon involves a huge time investment alongside dregora I decided to not release it for free. The fact is that I am a student following a rater costly education, have a job on saturday and work on Dregora during what free time I have left. Dregora however is 100% open source now which puts me at a difficult position in which I had to make the choice to cancel the server which I would never do because it has great value for my study or stop dregora so I could work more hours. I made the decission to go in between the two and ask for support as in 3.50 for A Dregorian Tale. Worth Mentioning: - If donations turn out to be sufficient to support the server A Dregorian Tale will become free. - Copying the addon & sending it to others will be easy but keep in mind you effectively destroy Dregora doing this. - The Addon will become free once I either get paid for internships or complete my study. - All profits from the addon will be put into savings for the server, services and the community of OTG.

So what does it do?
Once you have successfully installed A Dregorian Tale by following the Instructions and restarted the server you will notice that there's a new plugin map "/dregora" in which you will find a copy of all your OTG biomes & worldconfigs but with a different set of options.

Click here to download the configuration file to see what it offers!

"Reading? What? Are you kidding me, show us some stuff or I'll read nothing!" We all know it, we all do it... Which is why I've made a couple video's for you to check out

You may want to know what happens behind the scenes, how the core actually works? For A Dregorian Tale we mainly use the plugin Denizen which makes it possible for the user to script his/her own plugins. The difference between this and java scripting is that there is no need to maintain the plugin itself as often as you'd need to with an Denizen script.

Simply put, with Denizen your imagination is the limit which I used to create a world of difference for the common vanilla player with some of it's features listed below.

Custom Mobs ( Regular & Boss )
Dungeon Protected Blocks & Mechanisms
Overworld Dragons
✓ An entire plugin created so you can customize everything!
Special Events ( On player teleport, walks, jumps, sprints, says something: Do stuff )
Scoreboard ( Displays useful information like ram, biome, continent )
✓ A lot of commands ( for help /dreg or /dregora )

Check out the map, commands & denizen on

Plugin information

About the TerrainControl plugin

TerrainControl is a plugin which offers the possibility to alter the Minecraft's default world generation. Trough various configuration files it gives the user control over almost every aspect of Minecraft terrain generation with no knowledge of java required. It can be used on both Bukkit or Forge servers and on single player with Forge. TerrainControl is the successor to the old PhoenixTerrainMod, which was based on the popular BiomeTerrainMod.

These are some of it's features:

✓ Control horizontal and vertical noise of terrain generation
✓ Control terrain height and volatility per biome
✓ Generating biome maps from images
✓ Control the size of biomes, islands and continents
✓ Custom biomes
✓ Many options for caves, canyons
✓ Control vanilla structures like mine shafts, strongholds and villages
✓ Full control of ores, plants, dungeons, ponds and many more
✓ Custom trees and other objects (BO2 and BO3)
✓ Block replacement
✓ Visual settings like custom foliage colors (TerrainControl client required)

Tools used for Terrain Generation:

✓ Notepad ++ for easier editing of config files
✓ WorldBorder for pregenerating your map
✓ BO3Tools for in game creation of BO3-objects
✓ GIMP to edit the map.png needed in the FromImage mode

About the Denizen ( Used in the A Dregorian Tale Addon) plugin

Denizen is a scripting luangage for Spigot. Basically, you can sort of write your own Plugins with it. So, would you like Dragons instead of zombies? Simply adjust the spawn handler. Would you like this to occur only during full moon? Then expand the script by adding a event handler: "When a zombie spawns -> IF there is a full moon -> Replace spawn by a Dragon!"

Apart from mobs you could change the amount of time between full moons, make them random or appear every night, in certain biomes and so on. So long story short: "Your imagination is the limit"

Interested in how we use Denizen? Navigate through the slider or click the button "Information and expand the A Dregorian Tale accordion."

About OTG

OTG is a fork of TerrainControl developed by PG85. It feels and looks the same but when it comes to stability, features and popularity OTG is the better option to choose when you would like to adjust your own Minecraft Terrain Generation. One if it's primary features is that OTG has both Spigot as Forge versions which work nearly bug-free. In comparison TerrainControl has it's flaws and at the time of this writing is losing it's popularity because the development has drastically slowed down.

This plugin has the same features as TerrainControl:

✓ Control horizontal and vertical noise of terrain generation.
✓ Control terrain height and volatility per biome.
✓ Generating biome maps from images.
✓ Control the size of biomes, islands and continents.
✓ Custom biomes.
✓ Many options for caves, canyons.
✓ Control vanilla structures like mine shafts, strongholds and villages.
✓ Full control of ores, plants, dungeons, ponds and many more.
✓ Custom trees and other objects. (BO2 and BO3)
✓ Block replacement
✓ Visual settings like custom foliage colors. (OTG client / forge required.)

This plugin comes with a couple of extra features:

✓ Faster Generation: Instead of approx 20 seconds to start up Dregora (Generation Map) it takes 0 seconds.
✓ Dimension Teleportation (Configurable: Hit the bottom of the world? Teleport to another one.)
✓ OTGPlus+ Advanced forge customstructure features.
✓ And More which you can check out here.

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