Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Big hole at spawn?!
A: This is a issue that happens due to the hacky spawning of the SpawnHex Structure. I will try to resolve this for the 2.0 update of Dregora. Please try and re-generate Dregora a few times until it does not happen any longer.

Q: Is Dregora a static map?
A: Both yes and no. Dregora V2.0 and beyond is randomly generated with parts of Dregora being pre-determined, the best way to see this is Dregora as a big desert with oasises where the desert would be randomly generated and the oasises pre-determined cool spots to visit. For older versions this is a bit more complicated so for simplicity sake consider those to be mostly pre-determined.

Q: Does Dregora work with mods that add ores, entities & structures like Recurrent Complex, Lycanites, Mowzies Mobs, Quark, Ice and Fire and so on?
A: Yes, all of the above mods make use of BiomeDictTags which Dregora makes use of for compatibility.

Q: Does Dregora work with BOP, BYG and other overworld replacements or biome additions?
A: No/Yes, dependent on when you read this there may be a 1.16.5 v2.0 version or later versions that support these kind of mods.

Q: Does Dregora add Custom Blocks?
A: No.

Q: Does Dregora / OTG modify the nether/end dimensions?
A: No, unless configured through the OTG Dimensions Mod.

Q: Does this work on Spigot like other OTG presets?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use this as a dimension like other OTG presets?
A: Yes. Simply start your overworld of choice and press ‘O’ in game with cheats enabled (or if on a server OP privileges) and you can add Dregora as a dimension from there.

Q: How customizable is it?
A: The magic of OTG is that everything in this world generator was made without any java coding, and everything is modifiable down to the smallest details. I recommend visiting the OTG Wiki or Discord (links at the bottom of the home page) if you want to find out more.