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Frequently Asked Questions - Dregora Default

Q: Big hole at spawn?!
A: This is a issue that happens due to the hacky spawning of the SpawnHex Structure. I will try to resolve this for the 2.0 update of Dregora. Please try and re-generate Dregora a few times until it does not happen any longer.

Q: Is Dregora a static map?
A: Both yes and no. Dregora V2.0 and beyond is randomly generated with parts of Dregora being pre-determined, the best way to see this is Dregora as a big desert with oasises where the desert would be randomly generated and the oasises pre-determined cool spots to visit. For older versions this is a bit more complicated so for simplicity sake consider those to be mostly pre-determined.

Q: Does Dregora work with mods that add ores, entities & structures like Recurrent Complex, Lycanites, Mowzies Mobs, Quark, Ice and Fire and so on?
A: Yes, all of the above mods make use of BiomeDictTags which Dregora makes use of for compatibility.

Q: Does Dregora work with BOP, BYG and other overworld replacements or biome additions?
A: No/Yes, dependent on when you read this there may be a 1.16.5 v2.0 version or later versions that support these kind of mods.

Q: Does Dregora add Custom Blocks?
A: No.

Q: Does Dregora / OTG modify the nether/end dimensions?
A: No, unless configured through the OTG Dimensions Mod.

Q: Does this work on Spigot like other OTG presets?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use this as a dimension like other OTG presets?
A: Yes. Simply start your overworld of choice and press ‘O’ in game with cheats enabled (or if on a server OP privileges) and you can add Dregora as a dimension from there.

Q: How customizable is it?
A: The magic of OTG is that everything in this world generator was made without any java coding, and everything is modifiable down to the smallest details. I recommend visiting the OTG Wiki or Discord (links at the bottom of the home page) if you want to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions - Dregora RLCraft

Q: What are the plans for Dregora – RLCraft?
A: It will likely be on a seperate branch but as with everything regarding Dregora-RLCraft it’s subject to change as it is still a work in progress.

Q: So I have seen the map at map.dregora.com and I wonder what generates where there is just black? And how about beyond the borders, will it be just vanilla?
A: Dregora has two main generation systems Fromimage, this is the colorfull part in the image and Random mode. Random mode will randomly generate Dregora style custom biomes where the image is black and beyond the borders of the map itself as well so rest assured as there will be randomly generated terrain for millions of blocks.

Q: What is the reason for adding BOP to Dregora for RLCraft?
A: Biomes O Plenty adds a lot of additional blocks that beutify the world of Dregora whilst keeping the Dregora style generation. I have specifically chosen for a version that does not include most of the extra’s such as armors and some content has also been removed from generation such as the healing water for obvious reasons and the poisonous plant that was a tad overkill.

Q: So can I expect Biome O Plenty biomes in Dregora like I know them?
A: No, I re-did the entire generation of each Biomes O Plenty biome so these will definitely be different, hills may be mountains and oceans may be lakes with some exceptions in which case I really liked where the BOP author was going for and thus mainly kept true to the intended look of the biome.

Q: Can Dregora-RLCraft run entirely server side?
A: Dregora can be ran entirely server side only but you will still need OTG installed on the client.

Q: Does OTG/Dregora forcefully alter the generation of my world?
A: No, you can still start up and play vanilla worlds.

Q: Is Dregora fully compatible with RLCraft?
A: Yes. I’ve carefully made sure it was over the course of the 9 months it took me to make it that way.

Q: Would Dregora mess with Lost Cities or alter the END/NETHER dimensions?
A: No.

Q: Can I drop in additional dimension and/or biome mods?
A: Yes! Dregora was not only tested with Traverse, Defiled lands and Lost Cities which are part of RLCraft but with RLCraft as a whole with Between lands, Twillight and even the Midnight mod added at the same time!

Q: I am getting the too many biome id errors. What do I do?
A: This is because there are too many mods installed that add biomes. Each additional biome uses up 1 biome from the 256 biome limit. Dregora – RLCraft has about a thousand but only occupy around 60 of the 256 biomes using some clever trickage enabled by OTG.

Q: The world seems to have a mixture of both dynamic as regular trees. Why is this?
A: All the additional trees you see that are not from the mod dynamictrees are specially made to convey a atmospheric impression like the redwoods. This simply wasnt possible with dynamictrees but I made sure to add plenty dynamictrees to all biomes so that you wont have to take ages cutting down the other ones!

Q: How is dungeon generation in Dregora?
A: Dregora adds a few new dungeons on it’s own and roguelike, doomlike dungeons, yung mineshafts, caves.. etc all work within Dregora if correctly finetuned in their respective configs.

Q: How does recurrent complex generate?
A: It has it’s quirks and extreme cases can be fixed by being converted to a structure format native to OTG. If you find any weird generation feel free to let NLBlackEagle know on his discord and he’ll fix the issue!

Q: The generation and all looks insane! How much additional ram do I need to throw at RLCraft to make sure I can run it?!!
A: None 😉 The 4GB recommended would be enough but a bit more, like 6 or even 8 will naturally give a better outcome, just like it is the case with RLCraft itself.

Q: Do those gigantic like.. 1000×1000 block cities greate second or even minute long lag spikes?
A: Hehe, Nope 😉

Q: Does OTG Run client side?
A: No, but if the demand is there I can look into making OTG run client side.