● I get kicked with the message: Timed Out, how can I solve this? This may be due to your firewall. Making a exeption for McMyAdmin & Java 8.

● I get kicked from the server while it is saying Downloading Terrain, how can I solve this? This is most likely because the server is still downloading the terrain. Try a few times and it probably will work!

● The log says: [TerrainControl] NBT file plugins-TerrainControl-worlds-world-WorldObjects-CustomStructures ???? not found, do I need to worry? There’s absolutely nothing to worry about, these errors where all tracked by me and determined harmless.

● [ONLY IF YOU STILL USE MCMYADMIN] Whats the difference between Java 8 Spigot & Java 7 Spigot? The Java 8 spigot is actually PaperSpigot and has a better performance rate then the spigot.jar The reason they are named the same in the /Minecraft folder is because McMyAdmin detects spigot.jar only unless you change this in the McMyAdmin.conf

● Where can I see if there is a update for PaperSpigot? Here: https://paper.readthedocs.org/en/paper-1.9/ Make sure to rename it to spigot.jar otherwise the server wont start!

● How do I know where to teleport? Navigate towards Server/AncientRealmsMap/Minecraft/plugins/terraincontrol/worlds/world and open up the gridmap.png You’ll see a white grid over the map with coordinates on the right & left side then teleport using /tppos VAlUE VALUE VALUE Example: /tppos -1500 200 -1500

● What is the Development Build? The development build is the latest content we are working on, features and bugs included. The stable releases are tested individually and therefor contain no, if not less bugs

● Where can I find information on Denizen or Dregora? Please visit https://www.dregora.com/nlblackeagles-realm-map-download/and click on the tour links. Search and thou shall find!

● My account has been hacked! What do I do now? If the hacked account is an account created on https://dregora.com or https://craftrealms.org notify NLBlackEagle ASAP in discord. ( Link to discord in sidebar )

● I reset my password but am not receiving any mail, what should I do now? Wait at least a minute and please check your SPAM box, if the mail still is not there please contact us through discord. ( Link to discord in sidebar.