Denizen’s Realm Showroom

Welcome to the showroom of Denizen's Realm!

Denizen's Realm main purpose is to enhance the Lands of Dregora content but can also be used with a regular TerrainControl setup. For example we have the mobspawning, the snakebite and more scripts which all work without the need of Lands of Dregora.

So, let's start with what it actually does
Once you have installed Denizen's Realm by following the Instructions you'll be able to navigate to a new map named "NLBlackEaglesRealm" within the /plugins folder. This folder contains various configurable options, each with an explaination.

Two examples can be found below. Scrolling through the configuration files will give you an impression of all the features!

Biome Settings Example Download
World Settings Example Download

"Reading? What? Are you kidding me, show us some stuff or I'll read nothing!" We all know it, we all do it... Which is why I've made a couple video's for you to check out!

Want to see more? Visit our Youtube channel!

Getting interested? Well, you might want to know what happens behind the scenes, how the core actually works? In that case let me do the writing while you lean back, relax and read. Denizens is an plugin which makes it possible for the user to script his/her own plugins. The difference between this and java scripting is that there is no need to maintain the script itself as often as you'd need to with an actual script.

The easy way to put this is to simply say: "Your imagination is the limit".

Let's continue with some of the features the Denizen Package will support for which I've made a list down below;

◈ Custom Mobs
◈ Dungeon Protection
◈ Overworld Dragons
◈ Working Giants
◈ Enviroment Scripts ( Cold, Warm )
◈ Dungeon Traps
◈ Special Events ( On Teleport, On Wander in area, etc. )
◈ ScoreBoards ( Displays handy information without stuffing the screen )

There's more information on these features to be found at the Denizen's Content Page or directly visit the Denizen's Changelog

If you find this page is incomplete or have additional questions? please mail us at Or open up a live chat down below the screen in the corner on your right.