About us

Craftrealms since 2011

At Craftrealms we pay great care producing the products we offer and where possible enhance what's already there. As a result to this Dregora, our main package has quite a story to tell dating back to the early days of minecraft.

When 1.2.5 came out NLBlackEagle was happy to call himself a server manager of The Ancient Realm Minecraft server, finally he could do something about the spawn grieving which tormented the server for quite a while already, supposily some suspicious figures found a way around the protection with the sole reason to destroy our spawn tree! No way, we'll let that happen is what we thought and so NLBlackEagle embarked on his first quest to stop cheaters and hackers from doing harm to what would become our icon. Image - SpawnTree From there on we went to tekkit and back again expanding the experience and expertise on things like server management, eventually ownership and now here I stand together with my dear tree as a logo and above all, some lovely people to help me out when I kindly ask for assistance.

How about the tree you may ask? I wouldnt wonder if people thought it'd be a stranded squid which led me to a great example of what can happen over the years, take a look at my very firstImage - FirstShip ship compared to what we roll out these days. In fact I find it funny when people compliment me while also saying they do not got the talent. Well, guess what me neither. On the other hand it is my proof of dedication, not only when it coms to Dregora & all the DLC's but towards you aswell because we do not only care for the quality of the content but also the service that offers it.

The Staff

The staff exists out of several people, for the majority of the content NLBlackEagle made the content like the website and most of the Lands of Dregora but when we take a closer look to the Dungeons for example, and the structures NLBlackHeavenNL also played a major part. Notable aswell are LanToaster, a terrain creator just like NLBlackEagle & MCMonkey one of the lead developers of Denizen.
NLBlackEagle - Vincent
Function(s): webdesigner - lead developer
Contact: vincent@dregora.com
Function(s): Structure Designer & Content Builder